PSC-IDPA - Feb. 2021

PSC-IDPA - Feb. 2021

From February 27, 2021 8:30 am until 1:30 pm

At PSC Shooting Club, Inc.

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SPECIAL NOTICE-1:  If you were registered for the November and/or the January match that rained out and you did not request a refund, then you are already registered for the February 2021 match.  Do not register again.

SPECIAL NOTICE-2: With the ammo shortage being what it is I am making a rimfire division for PSC  IDPA shooters. I know .22LR is also hard to find now but many people already have a lot of it in their inventory.  This division will be for .22LR handguns and rifles only. All IDPA rules will apply, 10 rounds in the mags, safe holsters, concealment, etc.  The rifle class will not compete in the PCC division but in their own class in the rimfire division and there will be an optics and open sight class for both rifle and handgun. 

Please let me know by email if you want to change to the rimfire division.

Any questions or comments,  please let me know.

  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Registration opens at 12:01am on Thursday ten days prior to the match and closes at 5:00pm on the Thursday immediately prior to the match. New shooters MUST watch the New Shooter's Briefing video prior to match day in order to shoot the match. For purposes of this requirement, a "new shooter" is someone who has never shot an IDPA match anywhere.  Experienced IDPA shooters who haven't shot a match at PSC are not considered "new shooters" for purposes of the required video.