The Club suffered significate damage from the hurricane.  The Club has been temporarily closed and will reopen ASAP.  We will update the Club's website as we get more information.

UPDATE 7-9-2024:  The Club will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday (July 9th & 10th) for repair and clean-up from  hurricane damage.  Range 4 will be closed until the eyebrow is repaired.  This will NOT be a quick fix.  Members will have to use Ranges 1 and 3 while Range 4 is closed.   Remember the caliber restrictions on Range 3; these will not change.

 VOLUNTEERS FOR CLEAN-UP:  Cleaning up from hurricane damage is a major undertaking!  Our regular maintenance staff will be working hard on their regular duties, repairing damage, and cleaning up the ranges.  We  hope to reopen the Club on Thursday, July 11th, but that may not be possible without help.  If you can give us a hand, then you can come to the Club anytime today (Tuesday) until noon, or anytime tomorrow (Wednesday, July 10th) from 5:00AM until noon.  The gate will be open during those hours.  Be sure to bring gloves.