NRA rifle courses are periodically taught at the Club.  As with all courses, matches and events, these courses are open to Club Members and non-members.

The courses listed below are taught by Mark Scales, retired Houston Police Dept. SWAT Instructor and Team Leader.  Mark was with the Houston Police Dept. for 36 years, assigned to SWAT for 26 of those years.  His experience dealing with critical situations and training SWAT team members is invaluable to students wishing to develop rifle skills for sporting or self-defense purposes.

 AR-15 Maintenance & Trouble Shooting Class:

This course is designed for the AR-15 owner wishing to understand factory approved maintenance procedures and practices. It will be hands on, YOU learning to take apart YOUR gun in a safe classroom setting. No pressure, no screaming, just basic maintenance taught in a manner that allows YOU the owner to understand the operating principles of the vaunted AR-15.

Topics included but not limited to are:

  • weapon nomenclature;
  • disassembly to factory user level specifications;
  • sub-assembly function checks;
  • cleaning and parts inspection;
  • malfunctions and clearance procedures;
  • weapon accessories geared for defensive use;
  • ammunition selection for defensive use;
  • iron sights as well as optics;
  • defensive storage procedures.

What you need to bring:

  • UNLOADED AR-15 with one magazine;
  • your owners manual for your selected brand of AR-15;
  • clear eye protection (normal eyeglasses are ok);
  • pen for notes (handouts will be provided).

Instructor:  Mark Scales, HPD SWAT (Ret.)

Defensive Rifle 1:

Defensive Rifle 1 focuses on the utilyzing the AR-15 platform in a strictly self / home defense scenario.  Students will need to be in moderate physical condition. There will be no running, but you need to be able to assume both prone and kneeling positions as well as getting back up to standing without assistance. There will be breaks but expect most of your time to be spent on the range and not in a classroom. We will be breaking for a mid day meal.

The course will cover:

  • defensive mind set;
  • weapon zero and bullet drop;
  • ballistics;
  • appropriate use of cover;
  • malfunction clearance drills;
  • single and multiple threat situations;
  • useful weapon accessories.

Students will need 400 rounds of practice ammo and 50 rounds of defensive or carry ammo.  THERE ARE NO RAIN OUTS, SO BRING CLOTHES FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER.

Instructor:  Mark Scales, HPD SWAT (Ret.)