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Divisions, Classifications, Awards & Trophies

Although teams are the operational unit for YAPL activities, shooters are competing on an individual basis during monthly matches. Kids will compete against others of their relative skill level (Classification) and those using similar handguns (Divisions).


The handgun used in matches will determine the Division in which a person will compete during monthly matches. The Divisions will be virtually identical to those used in IDPA competition. (Note, .22 rimfire handguns are allowed for all training and practice sessions, but not in monthly matches.)


Classifications are based upon the skill level determined by shooting a special Classifier match. Scores for YAPL matches will be much like those used in IDPA matches. As in golf, the low score wins and one’s score is based upon the raw time it takes to shoot a scenario plus time added for penalties, points down, misses, etc.

A major difference between YAPL Classifications and IDPA Classifications is that YAPL uses the Novice Classification for kids who have not yet reached a skill level that will allow them to draw from a holster, engage targets, then reholster. All Novice Class shooters will work from the “low ready” position.


Monthly matches will award top shooters in various Divisions and Classifications. Team awards are not anticipated. We want a cooperative atmosphere between Coaches and teams, not a competitive one.


An annual end of the shooting season banquet will be held during which various trophies will be awarded.

Guns, Equipment & Ammo

PSC Shooting Club, Inc. owns several Smith & Wesson M&P .22 Rimfire handguns, with matching holsters. These guns and .22 ammo is available to kids who want to see if YAPL is a program for them, without parents having to invest in equipment. However, the Club does not have enough guns and equipment to furnish on a regular or routine basis. Therefore, parents need to purchase all required guns, equipment and ammo for their son or daughter to participate in YAPL activities.

Register your son or daughter

If your son or daughter are interested in joining the YAPL Program, then a parent or guardian must complete the online YAPL Registration form and submit the authorization form attached to the confirmation email. CLICK HERE to register.