Some questions have been raised about the purpose of the dividing wall on rifle Range No. 1. The wall was recently built to add flexibility to the firing line allowing people on either side of the wall to use different shooting positions. For example, people shooting on the left side of the wall can be firing from the benches while people on the right side of the wall could be shooting from a prone position on the grass.

The dividing wall does not create two different ranges. When the firing line has been called “safe,” that means all shooting must stop on both sides of the wall. The Club rule that prohibits the handling of any firearms or related equipment while the range is “cold” applies equally on both sides of the dividing wall. Again, the purpose of the wall is to provide flexibility in terms of shooting positions, not to change the applicability of any of the Club safety rules.

Another question deals with the number of Range Officers or acting Range Officers that are required for Range No. 1. Specifically, one member asked if it was necessary to have a Range Officer on both the left and right side of the dividing wall. Only one Range Officer is required for all of Range No. 1. When the firing line is going to be made safe so that targets can be set up or changed, the acting Range Officer must make certain that shooters on both sides of the dividing wall have been notified and that they are complying with all “cold” firing line rules.

The recently added dividing wall adds tremendous flexibility to Range No. 1. Be sure to enjoy it while following all Club safety and operations rules.