After months, actually years, the Board was persuaded to install the new steel silhouette gongs on Range 1.  Hot Dog!  Everybody seems to love’em.  The gongs are engineered to be safe for PSC shooters and for folks outside the range.  However, some few members seem to think that club resources have been expended just for only them.  These few have taken great delight in trying to punch holes in the silhouettes, deliberately shoot at the suspension mounts, and just plain try to shoot down the new steel silhouettes.  These spoil sport few seem to have forgotten the Club Rule, Deliberate destruction of Club property, equipment or facilities will result in loss of Membership and criminal prosecution.”

The gongs are very durable.  They are constructed of AR500 steel plate, and that’s tough stuff.  It will withstand most all common ammo that is fired on Range 1.  However, it is not military grade vehicle armour.  They ain’t  tanks!  They are just great target additions for anyone who wants to play and have fun, but not for those bent on destruction.  The gongs are not put there so you can see if your 338 Lapua Imp can shoot through them.  It will!  Folks, let’s use some common sense so we do not ruin the fun for everyone.  If when you pull the trigger, it leaves a bruise on your shoulder, it is probably too hot for the gongs.  Yes, I know that club rules allow shooting ammo that produces up to 5,500 ft/lbs of muzzle energy, but any ammo causing damage to the gongs will result in that person looking for a new shooting club.  No excuses are acceptable.  (You may consider that a serious warning.)

There have been only favorable comments and praise for the new steel gongs.  Few range improvements have met with such praise.  Let’s enjoy them and have fun.  Let’s love’m, but if you can’t love’m, then leave’em.