The decision was made a couple years ago to add more pistol shooting areas as pistol shooting is the most popular activity.  That said we decided to add more block walled "cells" to accommodate more shooters.  Every range at PSC point to the west but the newest cells would be facing east. There are homes in that direction so additional precautions had to be designed to insure no bullets leave the range. The movable eyebrows are designed so at no time is the "blue sky" exposed to the shooter. That in addition to not shooting forward of the marked shooting line are key to insuring range safety.

The intention was originally to allow any shooter to adjust the height of the eyebrow but as simple as that sounds, it became an issue to many people so it was decided to have the eyebrows pre-adjusted to different heights with the majority being adequate for someone up to about 6'3". The first two cells, one of which is marked for handicapped, will have the brow all the way down allowing shooting to be done safely while seated.  

If a shooter needs to have an eyebrow adjusted, an RO or one of the maintenance people can adjust it for you.  There are signs at these cells stating this. Hopefully by having a variety of pre-adjusted eyebrows you can find one that you can easily see the targets and also shoot safely.

It might be bothersome to have to go hunt someone down to do this but in order to insure range safety these are the types of ranges that had to be built.