he NRA Prone Rifle Match is a monthly match shot at 200 yards. It is designed for anyone who wishes to shoot their rifles at longer distances. This is a ‘shoot what you have match.’

This is a fun match that will give you the opportunity to test your skills and the accuracy of your rifle and ammunition. If you have a new gun, this is an excellent opportunity to test it. If you reload your own ammunition, you can use this opportunity to test different loads for accuracy.

You will find shooters who have been shooting for years as well as new shooters. The experienced shooters will gladly assist new shooters getting started in the sport.

The match consists of a sight in session and then 3, 20 round sessions for score. Rifles will be loaded one cartridge at a time during the match.

Session 1 will be the sight in period. It will last 20 minutes. You may shoot as many rounds as needed. After this session, all shooters will, after securing their guns, walk to the targets to verify shot placement. This will give you the opportunity to change any scope or iron sight settings.

Sessions 2 thru 4 will be 20 minutes each. 20 rounds will be fired each session for score.

You will be scored according to the type rifle used. There are several classes for shooters and equipment type. You will be scored against only those shooting the same class.

Each match winner will have bragging rights for the month.

You will need:

  1. A rifle that will shoot 200 yards. We have shooters using many different calibers. Rimfire and most centerfire are welcome.
  2. 70 to 80 rounds of ammunition.
  3. Eye and Ear protection are required. No Exceptions.
  4. An Empty chamber indicator. This is a flag that is placed in the chamber to indicate that there is no cartridge in the gun.
  5. A shooting mat of some kind. This can be a mat designed for prone shooting or any plastic tarp that will keep you dry.
  6. A spotting scope is not required but will make seeing your shots better during the match.
  7. Drinks to stay hydrated during the hot summers.

Above all ‘Have Fun’.

Contact:  Mark Bowers - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.