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A New Day with OLD Questions

It seems like the whole world is rebooting or resetting.  There seems to be a lot of questions about how to do things and when can things be done?  The first big question seems

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Please be aware that we do have some alligator residents at the range.  These reptiles have been spotted at the gate canal and along other ditches in the area.

We currently have a couple of “GATORS” that hang out on

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After months, actually years, the Board was persuaded to install the new steel silhouette gongs on Range 1.  Hot Dog!  Everybody seems to love’em.  The gongs are engineered to be safe for PSC shooters and for folks outside the range. 

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Some questions have been raised about the purpose of the dividing wall on rifle Range No. 1. The wall was recently built to add flexibility to the firing line allowing people on either side of the wall to use different

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Firearm ammunition is not a one-size-fits-all commodity, even within a given caliber. The type of ammunition selected for a particular activity must be appropriate for that use. A great example of this is the ubiquitous 9mm cartridge for handguns, carbines

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There are four generally accepted firearms safety rules. The most important one in my view is “ never point the muzzle at anything you are not willing to destroy !” If gun owners always follow this critical rule, they will never draw

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Coming Soon! 

PSC News 5

A five minute news report of events at PSC including both upcoming and recently completed events.

  • Shooting Hours
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Shooting hours are strictly enforced
The shooting hours are listed at both sign-in desks. They are also available by clicking the above title.
When the red light is on, stop shooting!
Pistol Cells have different hours most months
Remember to wear your Badge at all times
Review the safety and administrative rules regularly for changes.
Members, be sure guests follow the rules!
The Club does not use a waiting list
Club Membership is capped to ensure Members have access to Club facilities without undue delay.
Legacy Member Candidates come first
Membership slots come available in August